This is a new video posted by award-winning documentary maker John D McHugh who is now devoting his energies to Verifeye, a new smart phone app that can thanks to its metadata instantly authenticate any photos or video recorded and uploaded.

What makes this such an important development for newsroom and websites that must try and verify contributions from citizen journalists or UCG providers from around the world. The new Verifeye app has the potential of liberating hard-pressed newsrooms without the budgets or staff to devote time and peson power to tracking down the video they’ve been sent.

Verifeye is now also an agency that collects the video for distribution to clients and pledges to pay promptly its contributors. McHugh is a long-time freelancer and understands the anger and frustration of fellow freelancers spend too much time and energy chasing payments promised to them.
In the interests of full disclosure, I am an editorial adviser to Verifeye and also have invested in it.

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