Heartbreaking reading and some outstanding reporting in the British papers ( including the tabloids)
I spent much of yesterday in the company of a plumber ( water problem where I live) who happens to be a devout Muslim, a refugee from Algeria, and the father of 2 overachieving 20-year olds and a wannabe teenage footballer.
He was devastated by the Manchester concert bombing and was outraged that it was perpetrated by a young Muslim. He blames the poisonous effects of alienated young Muslim men brainwashed by the Internet. He emotionally defended what Imams at his Mosque said about the Koran and what it meant to be an obedient Muslim who abhors violence. He said that this horrific act would unleash more hatred against his religion and feared reprisals that would make the lives of his children more dangerous. Sobering.
And he’s one hell of a plumber.