IMG_1561I’ve just been thinking about often of late I’ve turned to The New Yorker but not just the magazine or the beautifully crafted digital version. I’m also finding myself listening faithfully to The New Yorker podcast that like the magazine is such appealing blend of reportage and features, in other words replicating the magazine itself. I was listening today to the most insightful conversation I’ve heard about the astounding ( or terrifying) Trump candidacy and also the surprising challenge of Hillary by Bernie Sanders. The editor David Remnick ( is there anything this guy can’t do exceptionally well?) is the host of the podcast and lead interviewer. Remnick is in conversation with its splendid columnist Amy Davidson, culture writer Kelefa Sannah, and pollster and blogger Nate Silver. Filled with insights and ideas that I’ve not heard elsewhere.

And now I have stumbled on the new New Yorker Magazine on Amazon video. What an imaginative video rendering of the magazine. I love the little features that showcase aspects of the magazine itself- like fact checkers and archivists working. There are big names doing original film pieces- Paul Giamatti as a Balzac and his obsession with 50 cups of coffee each day. There’s Alex Gibney long form, there are the New Yorker writers and contributors talking us through their pieces. It’s dazzling.\

No need to worry about The New Yorker surviving. The magazine goes from strength to strength and now with its podcasts and visualisation on Amazon, it’s made a remarkable leap ahead.